Alexandre Dossin


“Alexandre Dossin is an accomplished musician

and a wonderful pianist. I had the opportunity to

hear him play solo, chamber music and concertos.

His performances are magnificent, with very pure

musical insight and an extreme sensitivity, to-

gether with real virtuosity and a very personal way

of unfolding interesting ideas. The feeling that

there is always more coming makes his perform-

ances a very strong experience.”                                          

                    Martha Argerich

"Alexandre Dossin's performance of Liszt's

'Dante' Sonata was notable not only for its technical

assurance, but more particularly for its understanding

of the work's musical content. (...) in this age of empty virtuosity it is what makes Dossin

a Liszt interpreter to watch.”

Alan Walker

First Prize and Special Prize, 2003 Martha Argerich International Piano Competition


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